Louisiana Auctioneer Surety Bond

We write $10,000 Auctioneer Bonds in Louisiana.
Our price is $59 for 1 year! INSTANT ISSUE - NO UNDERWRITING!

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1 year - $59
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General Information

Louisiana Auctioneer Bonds are required by the Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board. $59 for 1 year, NO UNDERWRITING OR CREDIT CHECK! The required bond amount is $10,000.00.

These bonds must run concurrent with the licensing period; therefore, all bonds and continuation certificates must show an expiration date of December 31st of a given year on the face of the bond. Multiple year bonds are allowed as long as they comply with the December 31st ending date.

No underwriting or credit check required! Just complete the information below, pay by credit card, and your bond will be issued in minutes!

Additional information about this corporate surety bond requirement is as follows:

Obligee - Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board
Bond Amount - $10,000
License Types - Auctioneers, Auctioneer Apprentice, Auction Clerk, Auction Company, Auction Firm, Auction House, Auctioneers(other than Livestock)
Bond Premium - $59 for 1 year or $109 for 3 years - BEST VALUE! Additional prepaid years shown in dropdown below
Renewal Document - Continuation Certificates.

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