New York Private Detective (Investigator) Bond

A $10,000 NY Private Detective bond is required of all Detectives in New York.
Our GOOD CREDIT price is $75 for two years.

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General Information

BondAbility is an approved provider of Private Detective Surety Bonds in New York. These are also called Private Investigator Bonds. NO APPLICATION is required for NY detective bonds, just complete the information requested below. All detective bonds must coincide with the two year term of your Detective license. Pay by credit card or ACH and your NY detective bond can be emailed to you within minutes!

Obligee - New York Department of State, Division Of Licensing Services
Bond Amount - $10,000
Bond Premium - $75 for 2 years
Renewal Document - Renewal Bond

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You are ordering a $10,000 New York Detective Bond at a two year cost of $75.

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